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Add free horse classifieds on this site and qualify for drawings! We will be giving away some pretty neat stuff throughout the spring and early summer. Drawings are done at random. You can qualify yourself up to five times (five classifieds) but you are welcome to add more!  Even if you win, your name stays in for future drawings. Win...

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I believe the tips below would apply with most training/riding methods. However, all trainers have their own way that works for them. There are many paths that can get to the same result. Find the one that works the best for you and stick with it; however, you may need to vary your routine for different types of horses’ styles, conformation, and dispositions. They all cannot handle the exact same program…

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Mistakes Steal Time L

What we all want is consistency. Right? Well, consistent good turns anywayJ. Which brings us back to the old saying of “Perfect Practice” initially spoken by one of the greats. When taken at face value, this is a true & a wise statement. But what about when things aren’t going so good? Same thing applies…”Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”… or I like to say “Consistent & Correct” Practice, Makes Perfect. You can mistakenly be practicing perfectly the wrong thing over and over and now that becomes the horses learned behavior or habit. You make a run, he does what you have practiced over and over, but crap – you realize now that what you practiced was flawed. So now what? You basically have to start all over and now tell him no to something you told him to do earlier over & over. You now need to ask him to make the corrected move and re-teach him by repetition (which is Perfect Practice if you are practicing the right thing) once again.  Back to the basics - rewire him by making the wrong thing hard and the right thing easy…and practice that over & over.

I talked about a chargy or ratey horse and the approach in an earlier blog so I won’t beat those to death once again. I also talked about the “safety zone” or staying in between the riders’ legs and reins. For slower pace correction work, it is best to ride in


RFD-TV'S THE AMERICAN Pays Out $1.1 million to Bareback Rider, Richmond Champion

The Richest one-day Rodeo in Western Sports History paid out $2 million to rodeo contestants on Texas Independence Day
Press release courtesy of RFD-TV

ARLINGTON, TX– (March 2, 2014) Cowboys and cowgirls from across the world gathered at AT&T Stadium for their chance at the $2 million dollar payout. Underdogs, legends and world champions competed in seven events on Texas Independence Day.  As promised by President and CEO Randy Bernard, $2 million, in total prize money was paid out.  Each RFD-TV's THE AMERICAN event champion received a $100 thousand dollar paycheck along with a prize package totaling more than $27,000 (a PolarisRANGER, a custom Cactus trophy saddle, a Bohlin Buckle and a Browning Gun.)

"THE AMERICAN was created to provide an opportunity for qualifiers to compete against the best in the world.  It truly was a historic day for western sport athletes. I would like to thank the sponsors, contestants and fans for supporting and making this vision a reality," stated Randy Bernard, President and CEO of Rural Media Group.   

History was made when The Woodlands, Texan, Richmond Champion was the

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Hello all – I’ve been asked to write a blog detailing various training tips and experiences. I am NOT the type to give out unsolicited advice – Don’t get me wrong - I don’t mind helping but always wait for someone to ask for my opinion first. Sooooo….this is a little challenging for me! My most recent experience was running at the Lance Graves Futurity in Kinder, LA. This was my first time at this venue and had a great time. The week started off as a cold muddy mess but dried out and had pleasant temps for the rest of it. The arena is a small pattern and ground was well maintained throughout. The atmosphere was electric...