JJ Classic Breeders Incentive
JJ Classic Breeders Incentive


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     I like this exercise because it does a lot for an open horse. It sharpens a lazy horse because he has to drive off a hock while in a tight circle. It teaches rate because he has to watch the barrel the entire time and you also are stopping at different spots. Changing it up with stopping in different spots really gets a horse thinking. Last but not least, it’s a lesson in “is your training really working?”. The key to this exercise will be…can he take off after you stop, in a lead departure?… If he can, your horse has both collection and flexion. If not, you will need to work on it.

NOTE: The horse in the video is a 5yr old with about 4mos off the track. You can see him struggle with it, then he advances and can do a lead departure. He is not as aggressive as an open horse would be so that makes lead departures more difficult for him


Kendal's full article can be found in www.TheFuturity.com in the November issue.   www.OwenBarrelHorses.com 

BHH would like to thank Kendal for producing this video on our behalf and allowing us to post this training tip on the "Trainers Video Page" for our viewers. Thank you Kendal!


(5yo SV Share Cropper by Scrutinizer. Demonstrating a training exercise)

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